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Support for OAuth

first post: bcbarlow7737 wrote: Since Twitter changed the login for client apps by requiring OAuth ...

latest post: kiquenet wrote: any solution about it ?

Support for the Twitter GeoAPI?

first post: dotnetallday wrote: Does NTwitter have support for the Twitter GeoAPI?

Error in Sending Direct Message in .net CF 3.5

first post: ramkumar wrote: Hi Friends,im using NTwitter for my mobile twitter client. im tryin...

Library Throwing Error on WinCE

first post: shosansharma wrote: Did anybody have any success using the library on Compact Framewor...

Bytes to be written to the stream exceed the Content-Length bytes size specified.

first post: miguelcrux wrote: Hello!When use POST and send especial characters "áé&...

Assembly errors when running compact version on WinCE

first post: alfredo90 wrote: Hi,I'm trying to test the library on WinCE using the VS Solution fi...

latest post: pschid2s wrote: Hi Alfredo,are you testing the lib on a device or within the VS emu...

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